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Company Reports

"Due diligence is the key to success."


What is a Company Report?

A company report provides a concise overview of a business, including its history, financial performance, and management structure. It covers key operational aspects, market position, and industry trends, along with negative news details. This document is essential for stakeholders like investors and business partners, offering insights into the company's health and growth potential, aiding in informed decision-making.

How can Company Report help you?

Company Reports are a crucial tool for clients to understand the company better, evaluate their relationship with it, and make strategic decisions based on comprehensive and reliable information. We provide you with the most accurate information available on the company. This will enable you to make the most informed business decisions possible.

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Develop a reliable and sustainable partnership system
Company reports supply you with financial and non-financial information which is of great support for you to evaluate your partners, includes vendors, suppliers and customers in the most comprehensive way, and to identify potential counter-party risks for suitable adjustments.
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Change or adjust relationships and policies with business partners
It's important to know the clients and partners, the company reports supply you with all updated information which is of great help to evaluate your partnership system.
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Determine the trustworthiness of business partners & suppliers
A financially stable company is often more trustworthy. Review their financial statements, credit ratings, and market performance to gauge their economic health.
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Improve your power in negotiation
Use data, facts, and expert opinions to back up your points. Information is a powerful tool in negotiations. This is something that Company Report can help you.
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Create competitive advantages
Creating competitive advantages involves developing unique attributes or strategies that set your business apart from competitors, providing you with an edge in the market.

Types of Company Reports

We provide freshly investigated information and incorporate them into our reports. This is crucial & important because many companies are providing databased reports. The world is changing so fast and you need updated information and we are the most updated sources for your urgent need to make the best informed decisions. There are almost 100 staffs are working intensively behind the scene to provide you the most reliable information on companies. 

Comprehensive Company Report
A Comprehensive Company Report presents the whole picture of a company, includes detailed information across various aspects of the company. Our comprehensive company report includes the legal corporate identification; shareholders, products & services; operational and financial analysis; negative information about the subject company; risk management analysis and other important elements...
Company Profile Report
See the general picture of a subject company's public presence. Discover the history of the company along with major events and milestones. Learn about current and former executives and their current mission. Find the products and or services offered including industry background and placement within that industry.
International Company Report
The International company report includes the features for business entities located outside of Vietnam. The format and quality of the international company report depends on the different regions and providers
Company Standard Report
A complete general view of the company that include the legal identification, address of factory and branches, shareholder and key financial information of the company.

Who needs a Company Report?

As infomation is vital to business, our products serve various kinds of customers across industries, including Finance & Banking, Credit Insurers, Manufacturers, and Service Provider, etc. to manage their counterparty risks and limit their risks in doing business. 

Why VBI Company Report?

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The best Business Information Provider on companies in Vietnam
We are the best in-depth business intelligence who works manually to satisfy the domestic and oversea clients, supporting many individuals and organization in making their business decisions
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Largest Database with historical information
Even though it's newly established, we have endowed great database since 1996. We have been collecting information systematically for almost 30 years, our database is constantly updated since then, that's why our information is not only freshly updated but also contains a full history of a company
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Freshly investigated with reliable sources
Our information is reliable, accurate and diversified. We have different reliable sources and a strong team of investigators working directly with the subjects that ensures the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the information.